CRC-ACS wins JEC Innovation Award


The parent company of ACS Australia, CRC for Advanced Composite Structures (CRC-ACS) is proud to be the sole non-European member of the MOJO team that has received a major international innovation award.

The MOJO (MOdular JOints for Composite Aircraft Components) team last week accepted the prestigious 2010 JEC Innovation Award, Process Category, at the Award Ceremony held at the 2010 Paris JEC Show.

The MOJO project, part of the European Union Sixth Framework, developed and demonstrated two novel modular joint technologies for assembly of advanced composite structures. These second-generation bonded composite joints are designed to reduce the possibility of out–of-plane loads on the adhesive, while improving ease of assembly. Projects like MOJO will help gain wider acceptance of structural adhesive bonding in place of riveting, leading to substantial cost and weight savings.

Six of the ten joints in the demonstrator were bonded using the Insertion Squeeze Flow (ISF) bonding technology for which CRC-ACS developed process parameters.

Rowan Paton, Aerospace Programs Leader, CRC-ACS Ltd and Program Manager, Materials and Manufacturing, ACS Australia said:

“We are very pleased that the innovative work of the MOJO consortium, and the valuable CRC-ACS part in that technology development, has been publicly recognised. The award certainly showcases our skills in the development of composite manufacturing processes, and we look forward to more similar collaborations with Australian companies.”