PIPEASSURE™ Technology wins JEC Asia 2012 Innovation Award



ACS Australia is proud to be associated with the development of a pipeline protection technology by PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd, which recently was awarded a JEC Asia 2012 Innovation Award in the Offshore Category for PIPEASSURE™.

PIPEASSURE™ is a composite resin system with proprietary epoxy formulation for onshore and offshore pipeline repairs that reinforces pipelines and protects them against corrosion. It is curable underwater and is capable of withstanding wet and harsh environments up to 15 years. ACS Australia was responsible for the qualification of the composite system for both onshore and offshore repairs in accordance with ISO 24817 and also for corrosion protection. As a result, the technology is now in use at a number of PETRONAS’ facilities, allowing plants to run uninterrupted while strengthening its network of pipelines and preventing leakage.

Paul Falzon, Business Manager, ACS Australia who was present at the award ceremony said: “We are very pleased that PETRONAS’ innovation of the PIPEASSURE™ technology, and the valuable input from ACS Australia in the technology implementation, has been publicly recognized. The award certainly showcases our diverse skills as a company and we look forward to more similar partnerships with Australian and other international companies.”