ACS Australia developed a carbon fibre trucking trailer for the grain transportation industry. The design uses a carbon fibre reinforced vinylester composite construction, delivering significant performance benefits over existing steel trailer designs.

Detail design of the bin, the chassis, doors and relevant fittings resulted in a weight saving of over 1,800 kg compared with the steel baseline. Additionally, an increase in bin volume was also achieved, equating to a 50% weight saving and an 18% increase in payload volume.

In Australia grain transportation has the highest freight costs of any commodity, with farm-to-market transport of 45 million tonnes of grain valued at $2.6 billion per year. Transportation of grain accounts for nearly half of the total cost for agriculture. Therefore, light-weighting road transportation and increasing payload efficiency will help lower the cost, and lead to better yields. 

Watch this video to learn more about the Carbon Fibre Truck Tipper Trailer Design!


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