Product Development and Testing

ACS-A is able to accelerate the development process by coupling advanced simulation with experimental testing and validation.

With a well-equipped facility for manufacturing and testing small-scale composite components, as well as access to a network of partners for large-scale development and verification, we are able to successfully complete a large number of development projects.

Our experience in the use of modelling tools to predict material and component behaviour during manufacturing enables production to tighter tolerances with better repeatability. This reduces experimentation during the design process, cutting the development time and cost considerably.

Product Development

ACS-A has developed a number of innovative products for clients, with quick turn-around time to allow testing and real world evaluation prior to finalising design and build strategies.

This has involved design of both structural and ergonomic features of the products including the following:

  • Recommendation of suitable composite materials/processes including new material development

  • Product and process optimisation

  • Quality, performance and dimensional accuracy improvement

  • Costing of manufacturing processes


Validation Testing

ACS-A produces coupon level specimens to full-scale demonstrator articles in-house, in order to conduct characterization and structural testing. This is able to be conducted within ACS-A as well as through partner organizations.

We have also run full certification programs, including writing test plans, liaising with certification authorities and conducting/managing all testing for clients in the aerospace and oil and gas industries.

Testing on previous programs has included:

  • Coupon, element and sub-assembly mechanical testing

  • Full scale static, dynamic and hydrostatic testing

  • Microscopy

  • Resin testing

  • Materials conditioning

  • Fire performance testing