Break-through Technologies

ACS-A has a portfolio of innovative products and processes that enable customers to gain a competitive advantage.

These involve advanced composite assembly processes that eliminate fastening and traditional bonding processes, as well as a lightweight corrosion resistant pipeline leak containment system.

We additionally have substantial experience in licensing intellectual property and development of suitable agreements for ease of technology implementation.

Thermoset Composite Welding (TCW™)

Thermoset Composite Welding (TCW™) is a patented, assembly method that eliminates fasteners and secondary bonding, and enables rapid, high-quality assembly of thermoset composite components.

The TCW™ process utilises a specially-developed thermoplastic surface layer which is integrated into the surface of the components during layup and cure. The components are then joined together in a rapid, low-cost welding process to produce a robust joint with excellent strength characteristics.

Key Benefits Compared with Conventional Technologies

  • Rapid assembly process with ability to automate

  • Significant reduction in assembly cost due to minimal surface preparation, low tooling cost, short welding time and potential to automate assembly

  • Equivalent or better joint strengths than adhesive bonding, as well as excellent impact and fatigue properties

  • Good chemical and environmental resistance

  • Ability to selectively disassemble and rework /repair structures

  • Reduction of scrap rate, resulting in reduced overall cost of assembly


Composite Fitting Attachment (COFA™)

COFA™ (COmposite Fitting Attachment) is a novel method to rapidly weld thermoplastic brackets and fittings to pre-manufactured thermoset composite panels, eliminating the need for fastening or traditional adhesive bonding.

The technique works via incorporation of a special thermoplastic polymer surfacing layer onto the surface of the thermoset composite laminates. The bracket can then be rapidly welded to the laminate using a rapid interface heating method, such as ultrasonic welding, which enables the joint to be made in a few seconds. The joints are strong enough for the requirements of many non-structural brackets, including those used within the aerospace industry.

The value of the COFA™ welding system lies in the following key benefits and advantages:

  • The rapid nature of the welding process, where joints are formed within seconds

  • The elimination of any requirement for drilling or fastening, or even surface preparation of the composite component

  • The suitability of the process for use by hand-held welders or automated systems

  • The simplicity of the welding process, with minimal or no surface preparation required

  • The possibility and ease of fitting removal and re-installation if necessary

  • The flexibility of the process to be adapted to various types of composite structures and brackets