ACS-A was tasked with the development of a unique design of a light-weight composite ore wagon for rail. The design developed allows increased payload to be carried.

Applying specialist composite materials, design and manufacturing expertise, we worked with the customer and specialist rail engineers to take the composite ore wagon design from concept to prototype.

In Australia, 80% of all rail freight is in mining with 2,200 locomotives & over 40,000 wagons Freight Train (NTC Australia 2016). Today’s steel wagons are at payload limits, reducing the lineal density of freight transportation. ACS Australia’s composite wagon design with a unique structure achieves a significant material weight saving, and the optimised unloading system includes a high wear and low friction design further increasing volume potential.

The use of composite materials combined with novel design solutions delivered an ore wagon that offers a significant competitive advantage over existing rail rolling stock used by coal and mining haulage operators.


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