Andre Duarte presenting at Composites Australia Annual Conference 1-2 May 2024 in Sunshine Coast, Queensland

👨‍💻 Want to learn more about ultra-high temperature composites in hypersonic and space applications?

Come listen to Andre Duarte’s presentation at the annual Composites Australia Conference on Wednesday 1 to Thursday 2 May 2024 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The conference includes other leading composites industry speakers and technical tours!

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Automated manufacture of ultra-high temperature composites for hypersonic and space vehicle parts

Hypersonic flight speeds (greater than five times the speed of sound) require materials capable of withstanding temperatures up to 2,500°C. Under these conditions, conventional materials break down due to the high heat loads generated from complex aerodynamic flow, requiring the use of ultra-high temperature composite materials.

Speaker Biography

Andre Duarte is an internationally recognised business development executive with expertise in the aerospace and composite materials industries. He has proven experience in a variety of commercial roles, with ACS-A, as a business consultant, marketing manager and currently as business development manager; and has previously led a global aerospace business unit in Germany, where he successfully managed a diverse sales and marketing team and developed strategic business relationships with a number of aerospace manufacturers. Andre has also held specialist technical positions with Boeing – Aerospace Technologies of Australia (now Boeing Aerostructures Australia), where he provided materials & manufacturing support on the 787 moveable trailing edge and various other R&D programs.

Andre’s presentation includes updates on ACS Australia’s investment into ultra-high temperature composites:

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