MoorPower™ Scaled Demonstrator Deployed and Operating

Friday 19 January 2024

🌊 The MoorPower™ Scaled Demonstrator is now being put to the test and operating offshore in the waters of North Fremantle, Western Australia. A significant milestone for Carnegie Clean Energy and all the Blue Economy CRC partners.

🌀 Advanced Composite Structures Australia | ACS-A designed and manufactured the housed fibre composite tensioner units, which maintain the optimal position and movement of the barge in the water to maximise electrical generation.​

🌱 Moving closer to transforming wave energy into reality – helping to lower the cost and reduce the reliance on diesel generators for offshore aquaculture operations.

Short video below shows the deployment of the barge into the waters offshore North Fremantle, Western

MoorPower™ Scaled Demonstrator Module deplopyed in water
MoorPower™ Scaled Demonstrator Module deployed in water

For more details on the project please contact us or see the Blue Economy CRC page:

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