BECRC CALIBRATE Participants Workshop 2024 - Dr Rodney Thomson, Engineering Manager at Advanced Composite Structures Australia presenting an update on the Robust Salmon Feed Delivery Systems project!‚Äč

ūüźüThe Blue Economy CRC participants workshop is a¬†great opportunity to dive into¬†projects at the forefront of developing¬†innovative marine technologies for a sustainable aquaculture and renewable energy future.‚Äč
ūüďÖ 4-6 June 2024‚Äč
ūüďćKingscliff, Northern NSW‚Äč
Rodney Thomson, engineering manager at Advanced Composite Structures Australia | ACS-A will be presenting an update on the¬†Robust Salmon¬†Feed Delivery¬†Systems project!‚Äč
Salmon¬†aquaculture¬†requires reliable robust¬†feed systems to avoid¬†missed¬†growth in fish. To enable use of¬†more exposed offshore¬†sites,¬†ACS-A in¬†partnership with the Blue Economy CRC, Tassal Group, University of Tasmania, Griffith University, Pacific ESI designed, manufactured and tested several feed pipes¬†attachment¬†systems under laboratory and field conditions.‚Äč
ūüĎ®‚ÄćDr Rodney Thomson leads the ACS-A engineering team and is¬†also responsible for quality management. He has over 25 years of¬†experience in the design and implementation of composite structures for¬†aerospace, maritime, land transport and energy applications. He is an¬†internationally¬†recognised¬†expert¬†specialising¬†in composite design and¬†optimisation, damage and failure modelling, composite structures for¬†crashworthiness, bird-strike and energy absorption.‚Äč‚Äč

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