Tony Carolan and Murray Scott (Chairman) at Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS Australia)

Tuesday, 6 February 2024 – Melbourne, Australia

Tony Carolan was appointed to the Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS Australia) Board as a Director, effective Friday 1 December 2023. Tony brings decades of advanced manufacturing experience, with a career spanning the breadth of aerospace and mechanical engineering fields.

“Tony Carolan’s extensive expertise in advanced composites manufacturing is well aligned with our strategic growth plans. Tony’s proven track record in scaling manufacturing marks a significant milestone in ACS Australia’s journey.”

Murray Scott – Chairman, Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS Australia)

Tony’s appointment comes with a focus on leveraging his high-level experience in composites production to align with ACS Australia’s strategic growth plans in advanced manufacturing.

Tony Carolan at Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS Australia)
Tony Carolan at Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS Australia)

“I am honoured to rejoin the Board of Directors at this pivotal moment. With my experience in advanced composites production, I am eager to contribute to the strategic vision of scaling up our manufacturing capabilities. I look forward to contributing in this role my learnings and experience for impactful growth and innovation. I have unwavering belief in the strength of the leadership and talent of our team, and I am committed to leveraging my experience to guide our strategic scaling efforts.”

Tony Carolan – Director, Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS Australia)

About Tony Carolan

Tony Carolan has an exceptional record of achievement in the Australian aerospace industry. Starting his career in the mid-1960s as an engineer with UNSW qualifications in Aeronautical and Industrial Engineering, Tony worked for Hawker de Havilland (HdH) for the majority of his career, including spending some years in the early 1970s in the UK working on the BAE Systems Hawk aircraft.

Returning to Australia, he moved through various roles in production management to general management positions within HdH. From the early 1990s, Tony was CEO of all HdH operations in Australia and he focussed the business on the design and manufacture of aerostructures for both civil and military aircraft. He led HdH to become a world recognised sole source producer of components for Airbus, Boeing, BAE Systems, Bombardier and Lockheed Martin with a primary focus on composite materials applications – a legacy that continues through to today.

Boeing acquired HdH in 2001, and Tony then held several senior roles within Boeing, helping to shape the company for long term success. In 2002, Tony was inducted into the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame; this honour is recognition of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to sustained manufacturing excellence. Tony has also held key roles within manufacturing companies and been a member of a number of boards.

His key career achievements include:

• Established Australia’s first state-of-the-art advanced composites manufacturing facility.

• Grew an Australian aerostructures manufacturing capability from one highly dependent on Defence programs into a world-recognised supplier in the competitive civil aerostructures industry.

• Maximised outcomes from R&D to build an Australian design and manufacturing capability that developed solutions that helped Hawker de Havilland to compete on a global playing field; Lockheed Martin C130J flaps, Bombardier tail cones and Boeing 787 wing trailing edge moveables are key examples.

The ACS Australia leadership and entire team warmly welcomes Tony and looks forward to the future plans ahead!

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