Melbourne, Australia; Thu, 1/OCT-2020.

ACS-A (Advanced Composite Structures Australia) will develop with partners Carnegie Clean Energy, University of Queensland and Climate-KIC, a carbon fibre composite Mooring Tensioner for Wave Energy Converters (WEC). Today the Blue Economy CRC (Cooperative Research Centre) has announced $850,000 in funding towards mooring tensioner development. Commencing today the project totalling $1.6 million will begin development to reduce the cost of rotary power take-off systems through the use of advanced marine mooring tensioners.


  • The Blue Economy CRC has awarded $850,000 to develop Wave Energy Technology  
  • The $1.6m project will make Mooring Tensioner Wave Energy Converters more cost-effective with carbon fibre composites 
  • Project testing will be done in Australia and additional applications will be explored for Mooring Tensioner technology
Project: Carbon Fibre Composite Mooring Tensioner for Wave Energy Converters (MoTWEC)

Converting wave energy into electricity safely and cost-effectively has proven to be a technological challenge. This project endeavours to change that through the development of advanced carbon fibre composites Mooring Tensioners. The Wave Energy Converters will use rotary electrical generators or power take-off systems that are compact, durable, corrosion resistant and low cost. Ultimately, this will enable wave energy to be more cost-effective allowing wide-spread use of the technology for onshore grid power consumption and additional mooring tensioner aquaculture purposes.

“We are excited by the opportunity to work with Carnegie Clean Energy and the other project partners to develop an advanced carbon fibre mooring tensioner for Wave Energy Converters.

Paul Falzon, General Manager – Advanced Composite Structures Australia

The mooring tensioner will be constructed using light-weight carbon fibre reinforced composites, enabling compact integration into the Wave Energy Converter. The project will investigate additional applications for the composite mooring tensioners, including marine mooring systems for service vessels and offshore aquaculture fish pens.

To see what the Carbon Fibre Mooring Tensioners may look like, watch this short video animation:

The project activities will involve collaboration in prototype design, development and testing in near Perth, Australia.

  • Define requirements and select composite materials
  • Develop prototype designs and models for testing
  • Test carbon fibre composite materials
  • Manufacture a scale prototype Mooring Tensioner
  • Construct a bespoke testing rig
  • Complete test program on Mooring Tensioner assembly and at Carnegie’s Rous Head research facility in North Fremantle, Australia.

To learn more about the project and our partners, please see Carnegie Clean Energy project announcement and Blue Economy CRC project overview.

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